Category: Sales & Use Tax

February 23, 2022
Tax Filing Due Dates

Just a reminder that the traditional tax filing due dates listed below are not being adjusted this year by the government. Due to ever changing tax laws, related tax forms and software updates, coupled with the unknown of whether or not various states will conform with the F...

July 1, 2021
2021 Midyear Tax Planning

As the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis takes hold and the economy and life begin to return to normal, now is an ideal time to focus on tax planning for the remainder of 2021. ...

June 23, 2018
Sales Tax Ruling June 2018

The Supreme Court ruled June 21, 2018 on a sales tax case that removed the physical presence standard that has long been the standard for sales tax....

September 23, 2017
Restaurant Sales Tax Audits – What to Watch For – Tip #3

Third of 3 Blogs on this topic: The Minnesota Department of Revenue has dramatically increased the number of Sales and Use Tax audits in recent years. The audits are getting more sophisticated and focused on a few key areas that can really trip up business owners. ...

May 29, 2014
Exempt Organizations and Sales & Use Tax

“What do you mean I have to charge sales tax on my sales?  I’m a tax exempt organization!”  That is a common mistake in the tax exempt community.  In Minnesota, an organization can apply for a formal tax exempt status from the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Form S...

July 3, 2013
Sales Tax Audit – Are You Ready?

If you received a letter from the State that you are being audited for sales tax, would you panic or would you be confident that the audit would go smoothly?  If you haven’t already been audited, then you will be receiving an audit notice at some time in the future.  Her...