Agreed Upon Procedures

Agreed upon procedures to meet your needs

Your goals: our assignment

Tailored engagements to meet your objectives.

Organizations seeking insight on specific subject matters for third-party use look to Boyum Barenscheer professionals to conduct an AUP (agreed upon procedure) engagement. These types of engagements are less expensive than a traditional audit and will result in a report of findings using the highest standards established by the AICPA. Our insightful approach to AUP services provides our clients with valuable information to keep them moving forward with confidence.

Frequent uses of AUP services include

  • Evaluation of mergers or acquisitions
  • Preparation for litigation
  • Internal control evaluations
  • Compliance reviews
  • Banking requirements for credit line increase or loans
  • Operational efficiencies review
  • Nonprofit requirements
  • Best practices for start-ups or growth-driven organizations

Other services used by our agreed upon procedures clients


  • EBAQC (Employee Benefit Audit Quality Center of the AICPA)


Will an AUP provide recommendations on how to improve our organization?

An AUP can provide recommendations (if any are found) on how to improve the subject matter the procedures are applied to, if recommendations are requested by the governing body. AUP findings and recommendations can also be presented to the governing body at their request.

How do we prepare for an AUP?

We prefer to hold a meeting with the client to discuss their goal with having the AUP performed. We will apply our past AUP experiences and expertise to create a draft of potential procedures to be performed that we feel will assist the client in reaching their goals. If the client agrees to the procedures, we then schedule timing and provide the client with a listing of what we need to perform the AUP.

How long does the AUP process take?

The AUP process timing varies on the extent of the procedures. AUPs can range from a couple hours to a week or more.

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Matt Bistodeau joined Boyum Barenscheer in September 2008 after graduating from the University of North Dakota.  His 10 years providing clients with quality attestation services has made him a strong part of B&B’s audit department…