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Our specialized tax department professionals work with business owners and executives who require an advanced knowledge of international, federal, state and local tax regulations. Many of our individual tax clients also have significant investment activity that adds to the complexity of their returns. To manage these complexities, we work with our clients throughout the year to maximize tax savings opportunities and help them plan for the future.

Individual Tax Accountant Services

  • Annual tax planning
  • Stock option analysis
  • Long term tax planning including traditional IRA conversions to Roth IRA’s
  • Charitable Planning
  • Individual tax preparations for every tax jurisdiction in the US
  • Complex federal and state tax filings
  • Audit representation before IRS or state taxing authorities
  • International tax services
  • Financial planning and investment management

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What credits, deductions or income deferral ideas might we be missing?

Everyone’s tax situation is unique but the one constant piece of advice is to keep organized records to track tax deductions. Common tax deductions include education expense, moving expense, medical expenses, mortgage and investment interest, state income and property taxes, charitable contributions, investment advisor fees and employee business expenses. Income deferral strategies can range from a one year deferral associated with the timing of receipt of income to the long-range deferrals associated with retirement planning or looking at tax-efficient investments. There are also several credits that can reduce your taxes but in many cases these credits disappear as your income increases! A key piece to tax planning is timing to get the benefits of potential tax credits.

How can I lower my taxes?

There is no easy answer to this question! Our advice is to look a longer-term view of your tax picture to ensure you are paying the lowest effective tax rate possible. The critical component to this strategy is timing! Where possible, you should thoughtfully plan the receipt of income or payment of tax deductible expense pay the overall lowest tax rate. Tax credits are also great way to lower your tax bill. What are the tax implications of the proposed tax law changes? Tax laws at the federal and state level are constantly changing and staying informed is the key. The new federal tax law is a game changer for many individuals with the business incentives such as the new Qualified Business Income Deduction.  Thoughtful planning is in order to be sure you are properly navigating through the new rules.

How will the sale of my business impact my taxes?

The sale of a business can have a dramatic effect on your income taxes. Long term planning is the key to minimizing the tax cost of a business transition. We would welcome the opportunity to review your situation with you.

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Jackie Kennedy, CPA

Jackie joined Boyum Barenscheer in December of 2015 and has over ten years of experience win public accounting.  Her background includes working with individuals and a variety of businesses in all stages of development from the start-up phase to the mature business engaging in succession planning and everything in-between.