Tax Time Blues

Stacy Shaw

It is that time of year again that so many people try to pretend isn’t here – tax time.  They dread the paperwork, receipt gathering, reconciling, updating the accounting software and the unknown of “Am I going to owe a bunch of money for taxes?”  As a CPA we worry about making sure all the work gets done, but we love being able to help our clients.  The only way we can help our clients is if they reach out to us and let us know how we can help.  We would love to be able to say we have time to reach out to every single one of our clients, but we would be lying.  There are just not enough hours in our busy day.  We like to see an email, have a client stop in or get a voicemail because this allows us to know exactly what they need from us.

As your CPA and trusted advisor, we have all sorts of tools to help so don’t keep the worry on your shoulders – pass it along to us.  We have the tools available to provide a bookkeeper to take away the dreaded catch-up in your QuickBooks, Peachtree or other accounting software.  We have organizers and checklists to make your tax gathering simpler.  We have associates available to teach you how to use the QuickBooks you purchased 2 years ago and still have not found the courage to tackle.  We understand what is needed to get your income tax returns filed  –  just ask!  Let us be the Zoloft to take away your tax season blues – contact us for assistance with your individual tax or business tax needs.


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