A Balanced Evaluation Approach to Working in Retirement

Phil Paquette

The decision to work after “normal” retirement age is one that more and more of us are facing these days and for a variety of reasons. Here at BB we are asked the “should I retire question” frequently as more of our clients are facing possible retirement. We counsel our clients to take a balanced approach to the deliberation. When discussing the work after normal retirement question with a potential employer, it’s important to look at more than compensation and consider these other factors:

1. Does my health allow me to continue to do the work effectively?

2. Do I bring real and measurable value to the organization?

3. Am I still wanted in a real way at the organization?

4. Do I still want to work?

5. Do I bring a sufficient passion to the job?

6. Lastly, am I fairly compensated?

There may be other attributes that are important to your specific case and could be included in the evaluation.

The decision to continue working must benefit both the employer and employee. The six attributes above should go a long way in helping make the decision.  Contact Phil Paquette at for additional information.


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